5 Types Of Striped Tops You Must Own

Classic and timeless, stripes never go out of style!

5 Types Of Striped Tops You Must Own

With autumn approaching, it is time to get the those effortlessly chic garments out of your wardrobe. When you think of simple and chic, casual tees and shirts are the first thing that would be coming to your mind. However, what is it that could instantly amp up your look in the simplest of clothing and yet make you look stylish? The answer to that would be flaunting stripes in abundance! While stripes used to be limited to monochromes and shirts previously, the trend has managed to evolve with modern times offering a plethora of colours, patterns and styles to choose from. Here are 5 types of striped tops that would aid you in keeping your fashion game on point while taking absolutely zero efforts in doing so.

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  • Striped Shirts



From the simple black and whites to fun colours, shirts can be worn for casual outings as well as to work. Extremely light to wear, they are comfortable and look classy. They can be paired with absolutely anything; jeans, leggings, formal pants and skirts to shorts and skirts.

  • Striped T-shirts


This is an extremely sporty look which would make you look like the perfect girl-next-door. Opt for a casual striped tee and pair it up with a ripped denim or a pair of shorts. What’s better than sneakers for footwear? They would go perfectly with the attire and provide you with ultimate comfort to walk around, especially if you have a long day ahead. Striped tees can be accessorised with a funky neck – pieces. Opt for a bag-pack for this look in exchange for your daily handbags.

  • Dressy Stripes



Don’t we all face those days when we have a party to attend and our body refuses to take an iota of effort to get dressed. These tops would prove to be your saviours on those days. In a panoply of fun designs that incorporate frills and embellishments as well as patterns and styles like the trendy off-shoulder, these tops are absolutely girly and pretty to wear.  Pair them up with palazzos, leggings or a denim and you are good to go. Accessories are always welcome, aren’t they? Another type of trend that has been doing the rounds is wearing long maxi tops in stripes over jeggings.

striped top maxi

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Collars and Turtle-Necks

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polo neck or turtle neck

Moving away from the conventional collars, these collars stand out as they contrast with the t-shirt colour and manage to look like a fusion of quirky and elegant. Furthermore the contrasting ends of the sleeves and the t-shirt lend an edge to the entire look of the garment. The second type of neck-style to decode is the high-rise turtle-neck or polo-neck. These are ideal for winter, fall and autumn and should be ideally worn in full-sleeves abiding by its prototype.

  • Baggy Pull-Overs And Sweaters


Craving for warmth and comfortability? Look no further than these chic and stylish sweaters which erase the concept of dispensing with style during winters in order to keep yourself warm. They can be worn outside or even inside your house while you snuggle inside your blanket and watch a movie with friends.

Trending in the market, stripes have managed to maintain their preponderance till date and will continue to do so , looking at the marvellous new designs that are being invented time and again by designers as they experiment with the age-old trend.

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