5 Types of Mule Shoes You Can Rock Right Now

5 Types of Mule Shoes You Can Rock Right Now

Who has the time for fussy straps and buckles, when you have better options available? Mules that may have an open or closed front, heel or no heel, but always an open back are a great option when you want to avoid all the hassle. If don’t own one yet, you should definitely buy one soon for yourself soon. They are comfortable and look classy at the same time. This makes them a perfect choice for everyday wear.

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If you are hearing about mules for the very first time, then let us help you to pick the perfect style suitable for you.

1. Babo Mules

Getting these is like getting two in one. They have a collapsible back so you can easily slip in them. But the back also folds up and it looks like a traditional loafer. They are available in a wide range of colours to choose from.

2. Razzi Mules

These are probably the most trending mules you’ll see around. They are available in black and neutral shades. These are ultra versatile, feel polished and have a decent metal embossed in center. Imagine it with some ankle jeans and over sized sweater.

3. Mule Slides

Stylish and elegant at the same time! These types of slide are a perfect choice for everyday wear without hurting your legs too much. No matter if you are headed to the office or to a weekend, they are suitable with any type of attire.

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4. Capri Mules

These mules are a much more comfortable alternative to those point-toe plums. They are available with heels as well as without heels. They are as well suitable for everyday wear.

5. Peep Toe Mules

These are the most common mules you’ll find around. They are versatile and provide the comfort that your legs need. They have short heels that are enough to provide you some height. You’ll find a variety of these heels in upper styles.

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