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5 Types Of Lighting To Add An Edge To Your Space

Investing in expensive furniture and revamping your space with modern interiors isn’t enough to amp-up its aura. Artistically painted walls, texture painting or just rich shades of paint won’t do justice to the money spent. What people forget most often is a key element that has the potential of making a massive difference in the look of your house or any other space. Lighting, a spectacle in the field of interior designing that has metamorphosed from merely being a medium of providing light to your space to being an avenue of adding an edge to it. Here are a few types of lighting which could prove to be game-changers in the field of home décor and design.

  • Chinese Silk Tulip Table Lamps

These lamps can be placed anywhere in your home and they are sure to make a difference. Opt for brighter colours in these as the light sent out from the bulb inside will diffuse with the silk material and transmit a subdued yet pleasant light, which would reflect the minutest tinge of colour derived from the silk material. This contemporary lamp shade also holds a certain degree of classic Chinese style which would stand out from your usual tubelights.

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  • Design House Stockholm Cord Lamps

No they aren’t meant to be hanging down from the ceiling. Instead the cord rises from the floor to have the bulb reflect light standing straight up, thus hoarding an unconventional style that would never fail to create an impression or go unnoticed. With their sleek black steel cord contrasting with the bright bulbs, they look nothing less than classy and chic. They have been raging in the modern-day scenario of house-lighting.

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  • Ferry Lighting

How could we not include this trend in this list? Super-easy to imbibe in your home and extremely affordable are these fairy or string lights. They perk up the look of the space and give it a warm and comfortable vibe. From the sophisticated yellow lights to the more colourful red, pink or blue LEDs, fairy lights are a fail-safe option to create a lively environment effortlessly. They are fun to experiment with and lend a dreamy feel to the room if paired up correctly with the colour of your walls.

  • Moroccan Lanterns

Moroccan-themed houses have always been a result of individual genius and the warm Moroccan culture. Bright hues on walls paired with mahogany flooring typically sets the base towards working on a Moroccan theme. However, what is the type of lighting that is infused with this theme? Fragrant beeswax candles and Moroccan lanterns offer an elegant yet experimental way of lighting up your house. These lanterns are made from intricately designed copper and brass. They lend a subtle glow to your space and add ethnic as well as aesthetic value to it.

  • Bottled Lighting

This is probably one of the most inexpensive and cheap ways to brighten up the atmosphere of a house. Got empty alcohol glass bottles? Paint them with the desired colours. Induce them with a source of lighting. A bundle of string lights would work best and place these bottles absolutely wherever you want. They will not fail you and undoubtedly quirk up the place with a hint of elegance. Isn’t that a hard-to-find perfect combination?

Thus, there you have them, five simple ways of lighting up your space. Go ahead and try any of these as we can assure you that not even one of them would disappoint you!

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