5 Types Of Heels Every Girl Must Own

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5 Types Of Heels Every Girl Must Own

With stunning designs in every kind of heel, it just makes it even more difficult to adorn the perfect one. Spoiling you for choice with diverse designs in heels to match your taste buds. Here are different types of heels every stylish girl must own.

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Stiletto Heels


Stepping out with stiletto sandals gives you a perfect glamorous and sexy feel wherever you go. The stiletto is considered to be the supreme sensual footwear and unbeatable by any. Fashionable ornamentation, delicate designs and the pointed heel make stiletto rank first in fashion radar.

Wedge Heels

Women like wedges not only for their high heels and cosmopolitan look but also the grand and fashionable feel they give. If you are not comfortable with stiletto, wedges will do. Thick wedge heels with a flowing skirt (not with pencil skirt and capris) will show your skinny ankle even thinner and looks clunky when used with close-fitting attires.

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Kitten Heels

Kitten heels fall under the category of low heels. Age doesn’t matter for desires such as to look beautiful and glamorous. Whether you’re sweet sixteen or hitting forty, kitten heels solve your problem! They give young ladies the desired look without being labeled ‘ahead of age,’ and women the elegant look without termed as the ‘old wannabe’.


Shoes which have many straps and form a distinct ‘T’ with the straps, are known as gladiator shoes. Although today’s generation has known gladiator shoes for past one or two years, the history of gladiator shoes date back to ancient culture of the Greeks and the Romans. Gladiator shoes can add oodles to your personality. We have different kind of gladiators- flats to heels ranging in knee length, ankle length to calf length. With zippers, buckles, studs and embroidery, gladiators are so the in thing these days.

Cone heels

You can simply fall in love with the subtle “futuristic” shape of the cone heels. The distinct cone heel gives the shoes a cool and sophisticated edge. Most importantly they look uber hot with anything and everything you’d like to wear—be it your sexy LBD or a nice long top with tights.

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