5 Types Of Guys You Date In Your 20s

Yes, most women can relate to atleast one of them!

5 Types Of Guys You Date In Your 20s

It isn’t necessary to have been in long-term relationships with a long list of men to decode their prototypes. Mere dates and hanging around with the guys who you like is enough to discover the pros and cons in their character. We breakdown the 5 types of men women are most prone to date and every woman would be sure to have been with atleast one of the them.


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  • The Casanovas


Painfully charming but absolute players, these men are difficult to resist. They know how to play around with their words and make you fall for them only to have your heart broken later. Ladies, we hope that one experience with such kind of men has taught you a lesson.

  • The Melancholics

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Struck with tragedy, these guys leave no opportunity to talk about philosophy and discuss how unfair life is. They sulk and whine all the time which may leave you frustrated, wanting to get out of the relationship.

  • The Dunderheads

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Stupid and ignorant in nature, these type of men are unbearable and make life difficult for everyone, especially if you are dating one of them. Incapable of understanding even the simplest of things, these guys may end up sabotaging certain good situations unintentionally while blissfully being unaware of it. Better to keep them off the radar.

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  • The Sexperts

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Good sex isn’t equivalent to a good relationship. Somebody good in bed isn’t necessarily someone who can be a good boyfriend. They might be excellent company and fun to be with but these are individuals who are capable of separating the emotional aspect from the sexual one. While they might brilliant at sex, they might not be good companions at the same time.

  • The Gentlemen

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Now, these are the true keepers. Most of you in a settled relationship are probably with partners of these kind. Exceptionally kind, well-behaved, loving,caring and supportive, these men are the best kind to be with. You can be yourself with them and they would love as well as adore you for who you are, never leaving your side even once.

Be with someone who brings out the best in you!

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