5 Types Of Condoms To Enhance Your Sex Life

Protected sex gets better!

5 Types Of Condoms To Enhance Your Sex Life

Condoms are life savers, aren’t they? Companies are going out of their way and coming up with various types of condoms so that their consumers can have an improved sexual experience. Available in various flavours and patterns, condoms have become a necessity in everyone’s life. Here are the 5 types of condoms that you can choose from to suit your taste!

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  •  Dotted Condoms

These condoms have a dotted pattern on them that enhances stimulation for added pleasure. These condoms are one of the most sold products by condom companies at the moment. However, it is best to avoid using them if your skin is sensitive as might cause rashes.

  • Ribbed Condoms

These condoms too have patterns on them which increase sexual stimulation and provide both the man as well as the woman with more pleasure. These condoms have bumps on them which some might feel are too harsh to bear. However, it’s an advantage for those who like it rough. They also have bumps at the tip of the condom which helps in clit stimulation.

  • Flavoured Condom

Looking forward to a session of hot oral sex? Look no further than these flavoured condoms. Available in popular flavours like chocolate and strawberry, these condoms make oral sex much more fun and exciting. Many a times, an individual may not be too keen on directly coming in contact with her man’s private area. Flavoured condoms prove to be beneficial in such situations.

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  • Ultra-Thin Condoms

If dotted and ribbed condoms decrease sexual pleasure for you, ultra-thin condoms are the way to go. The extremely thin texture makes it better for sensitivity and touch thus, increasing the pleasure.

  • Extra Pleasure Condoms

These condoms contain a layer of benzocaine which delay orgasms and aid in achieving a long-lasting session of sexual pleasure. They prevent premature ejaculation and are one of the best condoms to opt for. However, the deal-breaker here is that they may cause itching and irritation due to the presence of benzocaine in them.

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