5 Types Of Bags That Every Girl Must Own

5 Types Of Bags That Every Girl Must Own

Women just can’t do without their bags, be it a handbag or a clutch.  Bags are like a pandora of fancy things including makeup, cellphone, powerbanks, half-eaten packet of cookies and much more! However, it is not just a necessity but also a fashion statement! You need to opt for the one that suits your style and manages to create an impression that would compliment your attire as well as personality. However, what if we told you that there are certain types of bags and clutches that suit everyone and are a fail-safe option to transform into your go-to wardrobe assets? Invest in these five bag styles, you’ll always have the perfect accessory to match any outfit and occasion.

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A clutch is a perfect party partner where you need not carry everything but only essentials. They’re multi-functional and adds an adequate amount of style. The best part about clutches is that there is a bag to fit every budget.



You need a bag to accompany you on those important job interviews and business meetings.  Work bag should be understated, yet classy that will match your work outfits. It should also be roomy enough to carry your business files, laptop, and other work essentials.

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Statement Bag


The funky style statement is so much in this season. If you like to show your playful side then you should definitely add statement bags to your list. This statement should reflect your overall aesthetic and tell the world exactly who you are.



If you are someone who likes to do a lot of things in a day be it yoga classes after work or travelling then you can do all that by carrying it style. Totes can help you on those when you need to bring your laptop, a change of shoes, a makeup stash, and a book. You can take your entire world in it without worrying about fashion.



Every girl needs a crossbody bag for situations where you want to keep your hands free. Your hands will be free to buy groceries, sort through the sale rack at your favourite store, or take pictures while you’re exploring a new city. Crossbody bag adds an effortless style to your overall look.

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