5 Types of Anklets Every Girl Must Own

Exceptionally trendy and edgy, ankle chains are the perfect way to accessorize minimally and quirk up your look at the same time.

5 Types of Anklets Every Girl Must Own

The age-old tradition of wearing ethnic payals or ankle chains has been done away with in exchange for a wide variety of super-cool trinkets or anklets that make accessorizing so much more fun! Worn around a single ankle, these anklets manage to look pretty and add a certain kind of edge to your entire look. From street shops to jewelry houses, bijouterie is available in the form of junk jewelry to statement-making pieces. Here are 5 types of anklets that every girl must own.

  • Star Anklets


Stars always seem everything much brighter and happier, don’t they? Stars effortlessly add liveliness to your attire and make it look much more attractive. These are extremely inexpensive and light to wear on a day-to-day basis. Furthermore, who doesn’t like to have a little bit of twinkling going on in their attire?

  • Studded Black Anklets


This is an extremely chic and stylish anklet that would not go unnoticed.  It is a thin band of velvet studded with diamonds. The sleek design can be worn for regular as well as party looks. If you’re opting for a grunge look, this should undoubtedly be made a part of your accessories. The single dangling diamond lends a classic quality to the trinket.

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  • Rainbow Anklets


Not a fan of black or the regular gold and silver? Give these vibrant beauties a try. Sure to catch the eye and suit almost every other outfit, these anklets are fail-safe options to quirk up your look and add some peppiness to it. Don’t shy away from bright colours. Bold and beautiful, they make a huge difference!

  • Diamond Anklets


May they be real or fake, if you are someone who loves to sparkle and shine, these anklets are meant for you. They look elegant and classy and define sophistication. Remarkably simple yet gorgeous these are statement makers without any doubt and elevate your look instantly. These would suit royal garments or ethnic wear. From the basic single bands to designed pieces, none of them would fail you. Diamond anklets are available in a panoply of designs like flowers, butterflies, diamond studs etc. An alternative to these would be pearl anklets which would lend an equally royal touch to your appearance.

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  • Bold Metal Anklets

floral metal

As daunting as they look, they are pieces of aesthetic value and definitely not for the faint hearted. These thick metal anklets that incorporate intricately done designs that reflect a gothic feel. These mammoth patterns are an audacious pick. People choose to flaunt them at parties and would definitely suit western wear over ethnic wear.

Go ahead. Experiment with your attire and have some fun flaunting your favourite type of anklet!

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