5 Truths To Know Before Having Sex

It's not always a happy ending!

5 Truths To Know Before Having Sex

Having sex can be a very big step for some since you’re going to be laying out all your vulnerabilities in front of another person. However, everyone has different experiences. Some may have great sex the first time while some may hate it entirely. Some may grow to like it or some may prefer staying away from it.  It’s all a part and parcel of life. Here are some harsh truths about sex that women have learned from their sex lives.

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It’s not going to be good all the time

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Maybe the first time was absolutely phenomenal but another occasion felt like it was very downbeat. Like they say, life is a rollercoaster full of ups and downs! If you’re constantly dissatisfied while having sex, communicate with your partner and tell him to play out what you’d like for a change.

It is completely okay if you don’t want to have sex

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Not everyone is blessed with a sex drive that makes them want to have sex 3-4 times in a day! It’s completely fine if you want to stay at home curled up in a blanket, binge-watching your favourite TV show rather than being on someone else’s bed getting some action.

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Filming yourself having sex will only backfire in the future

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Sex tapes are fun to record and give an added pleasure while you’re doing the deed, but how is it going to benefit either of you in the long run? This is where revenge porn stems from so be cautious for any hidden cameras or such to avoid causing yourself any embarrassment.

Peeing after sex is important

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Peeing flushes out bacteria from your urinary bladder that gets transferred during sex so it reduces risks of contracting Urinary Tract Infection (UTI), which is a very painful and discomforting bacterial infection. Make sure you go atleast once within seven hours of having sex.

Apologizing for not having an orgasm is not necessary


It’s not your fault that you weren’t given a dramatic climax to your lovemaking so you have nothing to say sorry for. What you can do is try to achieve it with your partner’s cooperation by further stimulation through oral sex or maybe with the help of toys. Make it work instead of ending it with apologies!

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