5 Truths About Female Sexuality

Is your sex drive low? There is no need to worry!

5 Truths About Female Sexuality

It is often said that it is difficult to decipher what goes inside a woman’s mind. Similarly, a woman’s sexuality is often difficult to interpret. What is the true nature of female sexuality? Why is it that a woman’s sex drive is lower than a man’s 90 percent of times? Furthermore, is it okay to have what is commonly referred to as a ‘low libido’? A low libido indicates a low sex drive. Read more to find out!

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  • Looking Desirable Than Being Desirable

Many women do not hold the same amount of confidence levels in bed as compared to men. Hence, it is very important for women to dress sexy and look desirable. You’ll notice that women put in umpteen efforts to prep up and look like the way they do before sex. Grooming themselves, wearing seductive and pretty lingerie and smelling good is as good as foreplay for them and believe it or not, men like and appreciate the efforts.

  • Maternity Lowers Sexual Desires

Yes, it is true that a woman’s sexual desire decreases after having children. Looking after a new born can get stressful and tiring. Furthermore, if the couple yet manages to indulge in monthly sex, it’s definitely laudable. Atleast, the couple is trying to keep the spark alive despite their busy schedules and hectic lifestyle.

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  • They Like To Be Dominated In Bed

A woman enjoys dominating her man in bed once in a while but most of the times, she prefers her man to take control of the activity. While most men enjoy lustful and kinky sex, women on the other hand enjoy passionate romantic sex. Hence, being submissive in bed is easy for them.

  • Being Low On Sex Drive Isn’t Being Sexually Dysfunctional

A low libido doesn’t necessarily signify having sexual dysfunction. It is absolutely okay to be less sexually active than your man. Definition of a perfect sexuality keep changing with time. In ancient times, a woman who merely craved for sex once in a while used to be labelled as a whore while today, a woman a craves for sex once in a while is said to have sexual dysfunction.

  • Good At What They Do

However, what goes unnoticed many a times is the mind-blowing performance that women give in bed when they’re in their element. It may be rare but worth every minute.

Hence, a woman’s sexuality is definitely mysterious and there are layers to discover. Once explored and stimulated, their sexuality is liberating and filled with fantasies as well as pleasure! It just takes the right man to arouse a woman and bring the best out of her.

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