5 Trending Hair Colour Techniques To Choose From

5 Trending Hair Colour Techniques To Choose From

Where there are a lot of choices of hair colours, you must know which ones are trending. This will help you knowing and choosing not only the trending one but also the right one for your personality. Here are 5 trending hair colouring styles and what they tell about your personality.


Said to be a French hair-colouring technique that was developed in the 70s, balayage is a free-hand technique in which the colour is applied by fingers rather than using the usual foiling or cap techniques. This colouring style if preferably not suggested for hair shorter than shoulder-length. This hair tips highlighting technique can go with almost any kind of outfits – on formals, casuals, ethnic, etc, since the highlights blend smoothly with your natural hair-colour towards your roots.

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Just like balayage ombre is French technique and word meaning shaded or shading. Generally, in this style of hair colouring, the hair is darker at the roots until mid-length and it gradually, but drastically, gets lighter towards the tips of your hair. This hair colouring style, you can opt for various colours to complement your skin tone and personality and can flaunt your dramatic locks the way you want.


Hair highlights when done right, will give your whole personality the right amount of glamour altogether. The fun thing about highlights is that you can wear which ever hair-style is called for your outfit, for example, you can flaunt adorable beach waves on a casual day out at beach with your date or girlfriends, and you can also straighten your locks and go all business-like. Also, highlights work well on short pixie cuts too. BUT you must take advices from experts because the wrong highlights might not go with what you had expected. Also, highlights can create illusion of volume of your hair.

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Almost similar to ombre, sombre is a hair colouring style that is carried out on the full hair strand – from roots to tips. It is almost like ombre, but subtler and softer. The colour-change should be done seamlessly and more gradual than ombre. This hair colouring style adds a ton of class to your overall personality. Sombre is more of a sunlight-shadow effect to your hair and it will make even dull or dry hair shine.


Global hair colour is dyeing your hair fully in one different colour. It is usually suggested for someone who has lush thick and voluminous hair. Make sure that the hair colour your opt for goes with your personality, skin tone and undertones. For example, if you are not up for it, don’t go for dramatic hues such as burgundy – you might just look uncomfortable in your skin. Also, burgundy goes better for those who have cool undertone. So, consult an expert and then only for a global hair colouring.

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