5 Toys You Probably Didn’t Know Could Work This Well

5 Toys You Probably Didn’t Know Could Work This Well

Tired and bored of following the same sex routine everyday? So forget your boring styles and indulge in something sinful and pleasurable! Check out this list of 5 naughty and playful sex toys that can help you conquer your shyness and leave him hot and wanting for some more.

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1. The Erotic Massager

Add some spice to your foreplay and lovemaking with a couple massager that you can wear discreetly during the intercourse. Sure, it might feel awkward at first, but the stimulation and massage it gives will help you achieve a great orgasm. But remember, pleasure peaks only when you’re comfortable with your partner and loosened up during the act.

2. Get That Vibration

A definite must-have for couples who want to heighten their pleasure in an amazingly powerful way, the cock ring can be comfortably worn by your man. It is a great introduction for someone who’s new to such things. Longer erections and deeper sensations is for sure.

3. Tickle Time

Blindfold your partner and start teasing and tickling him gently with the soft feather tickler. Let him do it to you. This incredibly versatile toy will help produce an arousing sensation and elevate foreplay to a whole new level.

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4. Tape Up

Let your imagination run wild with this kinky bondage tape that’ll stimulate you into the right groove. Start from the bottom and work your way up, wrapping around the desired areas for complete coverage.

5. Chic Whip

Meant for those who’d like to inflict some pleasurable pain on your partner, naughty whips intensify your sexual pleasure, while helping you to explore your fantasies. Get playfully dominant when the mood strikes. It is ideal for those looking to engage in naughty sex. Who knows, you might even get punished in return.

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