5 Tips To Enjoy Casual Sex This Party Season

5 Tips To Enjoy Casual Sex This Party Season

With the New Years approaching in two days, there are plenty of parties to attend and socialise, right? And that means you can bump into that someone special who can show you a good time. One night stands are meant to be a fun, casual and an overall enjoyable experience with someone who you are physically attracted to but aren’t really looking for a serious relationship with. As much as you want the sex, there are some tips you need to keep in mind before you decide to pick a suitable partner.

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Be Choosy

Tips To Enjoy Your ONS

Pick someone you don’t meet regularly or doesn’t work with you. This will ensure you don’t end up bumping into them in any awkward places or in the same friend circles. You should be choosy when it comes to who you want to spend a casual sex night. It could also be someone you know via a friend and is looking for the same thing. As long as you both are on the same page, go ahead! Picking the right person will help you enjoy your night without overthinking on what they think about you in bed or as a person. They shouldn’t judge you on your sexual preferences, performance in bed or your choices. You can’t have an emotional attachment to them, so be sure of who you decide and if they are worth the sex.

Be Yourself

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Insist on the Foreplay


Sex is great, but foreplay can make it even better. Touching, teasing, dirty talk, visual treats and making out like crazy before getting drilled will only heat things up. Enough foreplay is also needed to lubricate you enough for the penetration.  And if they aren’t down with foreplay and want to get right into business, that’s okay as long as that’s what you want too. Ultimately, foreplay helps smoothen things out and create the much needed sexual tension which then only enhances your time in bed.

Stay Safe

Stay Safe

Don’t get too intoxicated if you are planning to have a sexy night. It may be portrayed as ‘fun’ in the movies or books, but being drunk can put you in a bad place. Firstly, it makes you vulnerable, and secondly, it becomes difficult to perform when you can’t even balance yourself. Be sober enough to gauge whether you are safe or not. Also, keep condoms in your bag; no protection, no sex!

ONS is about having fun and not having to worry about any awkwardness. At the end of the day, stay safe, aware and just enjoy your one night stand to the fullest!

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