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5 Tips For Making Your Manicure Last Longer

Nothing can be more frustrating for a women that getting her freshly manicured nails getting chipped within few seconds. All of us have been there and are well aware how it feels to get you manicure ruined!

Well the key here is to maintain your nails in a proper manner to avoid such situations. You not only need to take good care of your nails after you have got your manicure done, but even before you plan to get one. Because healthy nails is equal to happy nails.

It’s obvious that you cannot avoid your daily activities just to maintain your nails, but these few tips will definitely help you to make your manicure last longer. Read on to know more on things you must be doing and things you need to avoid  in order to maintain and take care of your manicured nails.

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1. Top And Base Coats Are Must

Getting the base coat and the top coat are two of the most important things to make your manicure last really long. With the right products and correct method of application one can achieve any desired nail art. The base coat helps to achieve an even application of the solid nail colour whereas the top coat helps the nail paint to dry quickly and protects it from any damage.

2. Moisturize Them

We are well how important it is to moisturize our skin and the same goes for our hands as well. It is important that we take proper care of our hands and nails after a nice manicure. Moisturize them time to time and look for key ingredients such as glycol, macadamia oil, cocoa butter, shea butter etc. in your hand lotions.

3. File Your Nails Regularly

If visiting the salon on a regular bases is not an option for you, then it is important for you to maintain your nails in between your manicures. Besides moisturizing another important thing you need to do is file them.  Doing this helps your nails to remain healthy and prevent them from any unwanted breakage. Also one more important thing to keep in mind while filing nails is that you do it in a single direction.

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4. Maintain Your Cuticles

Dry cuticles are a big no when it comes to maintain healthy nails. Just by keeping your nail beds healthy you can keep your manicure proper for a much longer time than you expected it to be. Cuticle oils rich in nutrients like Aloe and Vitamin E are one of the best way to maintain them.

5. Be Selective About Your Polish

When it comes to choosing the proper nail polish don’t just look for what colour you are willing to go for, but as well the quality of the nail paint you’ll be applying. Avoid applying any nail paint that has lasted for more than 1 year in your cupboard. If you have any such polishes it is better that you throw them away.

Just maintaining and taking care of your nails with these above few tips will help you achieve healthy and not so brittle nails. Also taking in vitamins and supplements like B-12, zinc and iron will help you to maintain healthy nails. Taking care of your nails even in between your manicures is the best way to achieve healthy nails in the long run.

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