5 Tips For Improving The Cow-Girl Sex Position

The cowgirl sex position is one of the most common women on top position! After missionary obviously, this position is the most tried among couples. And if you feel like there’s nothing more you can do in this position, wait till we tell you different tricks that can make this position even more better.

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Read on to know what all you can do in this position to spice up tings between you and your partner!

1. Let your partner play


When you are on top of your partner, all he got to do is lie down and enjoy while you do all the work. Well you can bring about a change in this by asking him to play with your clitoris while you do the remaining work.

2. Kiss him

When you are riding him, bend over to make out which can definitely be a turn on for your partner. It also gives him active involvement in what might otherwise be just a passive position.

3. Gyrate


You can easily move in every direction, so don’t limit yourself just to move forwards and backwards or just up and down. Going in a circular motion feels good for the both of you. Build a steady rhythm, and you can control your movement to maximize pleasure!

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4. Lean back

From a position where you’re face to face, put your arms around his neck, and then lean back. This position changes the angle of his thrusts that’ll stimulate your G-spot. Total bonus, isn’t it?

5. Find the right motion together


You need to work together to find a good rhythm that works for both of you. Getting the timing right will make the experience even more orgasmic. It’s probably easiest to start slow and get into a rhythm together, then increase the pace as you may desire. Let one lead and the other follow, or else you both might end up in a mess!

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