5 Tips To Get Rid Of A Stye In Your Eye

5 Tips To Get Rid Of A Stye In Your Eye

Styes, in general, are painful and extremely irritating. So how do you get rid of it? The best way is to use hot compress the moment you feel a tender lump around your eyelid area. A hot water bag or warm towel will help you feel better immediately. Here are some ways you can prevent and get rid of styes in your eyes.

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Clean The Eyelids

Prevention is better than cure, so keep your eyes clean as much as possible. Cleaning your eyelids regularly helps keep the amount of bacteria to a minimum. Use a Q-tip and water or baby shampoo that doesn’t hurt the eyes to clean your eyes out. Using medical 2-3 drops of rose water daily helps keep your eyes cool.

Change Your Makeup

Unfortunately, as long as you have a stye, its best to stay away from all and any eye makeup. This keeps your eyes free from any chemicals, particles, and irritants that could aggravate your stye. You could also get a stye from using old or expired makeup so toss them in the bin immediately. It can be contaminated with germs and bacteria that will get back to your eye when you reuse the old makeup and makeup tools.

Toss Those Contacts

If you have a stye, its best to wear your glasses instead of a contact lens. This will give your eye time to heal naturally with no barriers or irritants. Cleaning your lenses and lens case is highly recommended and if possible switch to new lenses after a stye infection to avoid catching it again.

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No Popping

Say no to popping at all costs. As much as you want it to go away, popping the stye can make it w0rse. Popping it will spread the pus on other areas increasing the chances of getting more stye and even eye infections. Let the hot compress heal the stye in its own time.

See A Doctor

After all these remedies, if your stye is still not ready to go then go visit a doctor. If its a normal stye, hot compress and cleaning your eyes regularly will help clear it out. But it that doesn’t work even after a week-long of home remedies, it’s better to go meet an eye professional. People tend to take things like these carelessly which could morph into something worse.

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