5 Tips To Get Ready For A Concert

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5 Tips To Get Ready For A Concert

Going to a concert, even more so to a rock show, can be one of the best experiences of your life. And though it might not seem like it, how you do your make-up can have a big impact on how a good a time you have. Here are some tips to make your concert experience much, much better.

Hair down:


Something about an open-air venue makes us want to let our hair down and let our beauty imagination run wild. It is a given that you are going to groove a whole lot, those pretty locks of yours are only going to add more ‘volume’ to your night.

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Smokey eyes:


This is like ‘the most important’ part of the concert make up. Don’t even think about going brown or any other colour, BLACK is going to be the one and only shade for you tonight.

Pale lips or bold lips:


Both will work beautifully, basis your preference. Go red bold if you are lying low with the eyes. And if your eyes are dark like the night, then let your lips wear nude.

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Accessorize a lot:


Whatever junk jewellery you have, put them all together! Experiment with different patterns and colours of bracelets/wristlets, neckpieces, rings etc.

Be distressed:


It can be shorts or a full length one, your denim (don’t even think to choose any other bottomwear) should be distressed.

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