5 Tips To Have The Most Amazing Foreplay

Get ready, woman, sex is about to get hotter!

5 Tips To Have The Most Amazing Foreplay

Women find it harder to orgasm without a thoroughly satisfying session of foreplay. Sex in itself is not self-sufficient for the demanding gender. What you want is the heat of anticipation, the built-up energy and passion that leads to a carnal experience of a different kind.

Blame erotic fiction but women have great imagination when it comes to foreplay. This means that the longer you play, the better it will be between the sheets. Here are 5 tips to help you make your bed a hot, hot mess!

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1) Wear sexy lingerie

Nothing turns on a man more than sexy lingerie. Before you to dare to bare it all, tease him with lace or sheer lingerie; he will not be able to resist you!

2) Spend time outside bedroom

Head out with him looking sexy in a romantic setting. The fact that you both will have to keep it in your pants till you get home will make you even more turned on. Guaranteed passionate sex post dinner!

3) Flirtatious touching

Yes, all the action happens in the bedroom but why confine yourself within the walls? Your partner will appreciate your bold side. A slight brush, a peck and the right strokes is all that is needed to turn him on.

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4) Surprise him by reversing roles

While in a missionary position, surprise him with a sudden twist of events. Guys love it when the woman takes charge. Get on top and get in charge.

5) Talk dirty

When we say dirty, we don’t mean straight out of a porno-movie! Leave him little note reminders of what you are wearing underneath. When you get to the bed, tell him things you would like to do to him.

And then enjoy the best sex you’ve ever had. You can thank us later!

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