5 Tips To Ace Your Sexting Game

5 Tips To Ace Your Sexting Game

Sexual conversations are getting creative every day with newer methods. And sexting is one of those ways. Sexting is a planned and unplanned foreplay at the same time. You could play this game across the seven seas or while sitting across each other in a public room at a party. After all, it’s all at the tips of your hands. A teasing game, sexting is now a must for modern relationships that crave sexual freedom, imaginative foreplay ideas and a sense of trust all rolled in one. Here are 5 tips that will help you ace the base and leave you satisfied with the results.

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  • Right Timing

Sexting Game

We don’t want to catch them or land them in an embarrassing or awkward situation professionally or otherwise. It’s all in the timing. You need to know when to text these NSFW lines and pictures or it could end up backfiring and ruining the mood or more. Always ask before you launch a sext attack on your partner! Giving them a heads-up will put them in the sex-mood on the spot and get them wondering about you and your body in a jiffy.

  • Get Creatively Naughty

Creatively Naughty

Sexting is meant to be fun and a tease. Keep this in mind while letting your partner know what they have in store from you. You don’t need to stick to the basics aka nudes. Get creative with your sexting with naughty gifs, sexual emoji’s, maybe even some erotic fiction stories. Anything except your body is equally frustrating and tempting at the same time. Take calculated risks, don’t go all out with a nude but tempt them with blurred pictures or bits and pieces of planned snaps. It’ll drive them crazy!

  • Master of Roleplay


Don’t forget it’s a game. Roleplaying is often a good way to spice things up in your relationship. When sexting, you are in control. You need to prove that you’re in charge and nice enough to play this game. Texts, audios and even pictures should show exactly how you are feeling (horny and desperate for your partner) while still acing the game. Dirty talk is an added bonus and you can reference from porn, erotic novels and just about anything remotely sexy on the internet.

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  • Slow and Steady Wins This Game

innocent selfie

Take it slow, ask them and hint at things. Sending out an innocent selfie with a bit of cleavage showing can indicate that you want to play. You could always start with texts and feel the mood before you move a step ahead to pictures and other innovative methods. Sexting is a bit of modern foreplay, so slow down and enjoy the after effects and rewards of your games.

  • Know The Emoji Code

Emoji Code

You need to know the basics of sexting. Emoji are a key element in this game and knowing which emoji means what will help you forward in this game. Bananas are for his junk, a pussycat for yours, and well a peach for the booty. Water drops are not what they seem and tongue sticking out emoji is definitely a tease. So prep up and adopt new emoji to describe what you want to do to them. Sexting in public with these emoji is way hotter!

It’s a risky game and if you choose to play, make sure you know the consequences (good and bad) before sending out that sext and image.

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