5 Things What Your Sex Dreams Actually Mean

5 Things What Your Sex Dreams Actually Mean

Let’s admit it, every one has sex dreams! Some dreams can make you wet while dreams may leave you wondering as to why you had that kind of dream. But have you ever given it a thought as to what really these dreams mean? Well, then get ready to know what your sex dreams could actually mean or why you get these dreams. Read on to know as we discuss 5 common sex dreams that usually people tend to have!

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1. Cheating on your partner

A dream like this could mean lack of trust, but not in your relationship! It means that the dreamer is loosing faith in their own attractiveness and might be experiencing something in their waking life which is the reason why them may feel less confident and sure of themselves. These kind of dreams could be a sign that you are trying to seek too much approval  from those around you.

2. Sex with a person who has no face

The face here symbolizes identity, and where you see yourself having sex with a person but no face could probably mean there’s something you are probably being challenged in your life but haven’t discovered it yet. It’s a wake up call to action to look more closely at what could potentially be holding you back so you can fix it!

3. Best-friend Sex

It may sound weird, but dreams like this come and go when there’s a personality trait that you admire in your best friend. No problem here unless you are in a situation slowly falling for that best friend!

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4. Experiencing an actual orgasm

Well you may feel like this in your dream cause you might be actually close to experience one in real. It’s just not guys who gets excited while watching or dreaming about sex. Women, too, go through bodily changes like increase in vaginal lubrication, enlarged clitoris—during the REM stage of sleep that can lead to arousal down there. And if your sex dream happens to coincide with the time that you’re experiencing REM, you’re really in for a treat!

5. Sex with a celebrity

Besides the possibility that you might just be dreaming out a life-long fantasy of having sex with a hot celeb, these kinds of dreams signal that you like most celebrities are really good at something in your life and have the ability to gain even more power from it.

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