5 Things You Should Prioritise In A Relationship

5 Things You Should Prioritise In A Relationship

A relationship doesn’t sustain because of love and communication alone. Compromise plays an important role as two different people with different lifestyle choices form a healthy, happy bond.  But how far can you go without losing yourself in the relationship? Where do you draw the line? There are times when you should hold your ground no matter what. Here are the things you should never sacrifice, even for your SO.

  1. Friends and Family



Friends and Family

The novelty of a relationship can excite us and we often tend to forget our family and friends without even realising it. Yes, it means a lot of juggling but every now and then, allow yourself guilt-free time with your dear ones. It will also keep the butterflies still fluttering with your partner.

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  1. Principles

We have a set of values that we live by and that are absolutely non-negotiable. Those are the things that define us and gives us an individual identity. Changing that would mean changing your character to impress someone. This would give you only temporary happiness. You will feel a sense of disheveled identity once the honeymoon phase is over.

  1. Career

Successful Career

Gone are the days when you had to choose between your career and love. It’s not just possible but ideal for a relationship to help you grow and not sacrifice your dreams. If at all you are sacrifice your ambitions, you are bound to regret later.

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  1. Independence

You should aim to be as self-sufficient as possible and not over depend on your partner. So make sure they don’t breach your space and freedom. In fact, you should always take time out to pamper yourself.

  1. Safety

This should always be your priority. Anything or anyone posing as a threat should be discarded from your life. Physical or mental abuse should not be tolerated in any scenario.

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