5 Things Your Man Wants You To Do In Bed

We bring you a checklist of sex tricks that will definitely help your man to experience ecstasy.

5 Things Your Man Wants You To Do In Bed

We generally talk about sexual desires of women, conveniently forgetting that men too harbour such feelings.

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1. Explore his body
Be it sex positions, locations or role playing, men look forward to discovering and trying out newer stuff for heightened pleasure. Let go of your inhibitions and go with the flow. Explore and experiment like never before.

2. Take the lead
Don’t always wait for your man to initiate; take charge and thrill him to the fullest. Bossing over him in bed will turn him on big time. When you surprise him good, it leaves him lusting for more.

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3. Talk dirty
There’s nothing sexier than indulging in talk with your man about what you really wish to do in bed. Get your man to be comfortable, and discuss sexual fantasies when he’s least expecting it. To add to the heat, put on a sexy video and what follows should be a night to remember.

4. Don’t say ‘No’ to sex too often
It is believed that men are more often expressive when it comes to connecting in bed. However, they also love to be pampered. Indulging in the act more often will make him feel loved.

5. Appreciate him
Men love appreciation. Tell him that you like the way he moves his body and watch him turning red all over.

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