5 Things That Could Lead To Great Sex

Spice it up!

Indulging in sex might be a common activity for many but what may happen is that a couple may lose their spark through difficult times or merely over a period of time as a result of monotony. However, there are a few things they could try to light the spark back into their sex life. Those having sex for the first time should try these things too. It could help add some spice to the relationship.

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  • Plan your session out

Yes, planning plays a big role in enhancing the experience. Set a date, plan your clothes, select a location and wait it out. Not only does this build up the fervour but also makes the activity much more heated up and absolutely worth the wait.

  • Dress up well

Well, it goes without saying that your partner loves you for who you are but it is always nice to be groomed and dress appealingly. It would definitely turn your man on. Opt for sexy lingerie. Looking seductive always gains brownie points.

  • Experiment it out

The same old missionary sex can turn into a drab exercise. Add some excitement to your session by trying out different sex positions and experimenting with new moves. Take your partner by surprise and send them to the heaven of ultimate pleasure!

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  • Make it comfortable

Great sex requires great comfort. Right from sexual comfortability between the two partners to the comfortability of the place and time. Ensure that the location is cozy and perfect to set the mood for the session of passionate love-making to come. Think roses, scented candles, warm blankets to cuddle and a delicious dessert to have with your partner after the activity!

  • Do it with the right person

Yes, it’s the age where a ‘no strings attached’ relationship is acceptable but believe it or not, physical intimacy is best experienced with someone you love and care about. Not only does the session become fun but also extremely passionate as the two of you would be making love to one another rather than having sex.

Imbibe these points in your sexual life and you’re good to go. Get ready for a sexual frenzy and make sure your partner does the same!

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How To Make Your First Night Sexy