5 Things To Keep In Mind While Planning A Weekend Alone With Him

5 Things To Keep In Mind While Planning A Weekend Alone With Him

We all know the importance of finally getting a weekend alone with our love! When there are no other social and work-related monsters eating up maximum hours of your wakeful self, all you can think about is jumping on this opportunity to make the most of it with your partner. Here are 5 very simple things you can do with your partner to spend a quality weekend with him.

Be At Leisure

Grab the maximum of the weekend by starting it from the Friday night itself! As soon as you reach home from work on the Friday night, stop looking at the clock! Maybe take him out for late-night drinks, or drive your way to your favourite ice cream parlour. If you both are too tired to move, simply order in food and binge-watch all the new releases you missed out due to busy schedule!

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Go Shopping

Even if that means shopping for something as mundane as your monthly grocery, make it a point to go out shopping with him. Even window shopping counts! Not many know this – relationship counselors say that shopping and such activities that include browsing and selection is actually therapeutic. Go out for a couple of hours, walk down the street on a lazy weekend morning, browse through shops and nibble on a street-food or two!

If You Feel Like It, Be Mushy! 

When spending weekend alone with him, don’t restrain from adding the right amount of mush in your relationship. You might be super no-nonsense when it comes to tackling work and your other responsibilities, but shedding down those tough shields will not only make you feel in love all over again but also will help blossom your relationship. A tiny peck on his cheek, holding his hand while strolling down the street in the breezy evening, or a chaste kiss on his nose… don’t refrain yourself, girl!

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Keep One Element Of Surprise

After working long hours the whole week, and being submerged in social responsibilities, we unknowingly fail to keep up with our partner. No matter how loving and understanding they are about you, an element of surprise, even as petty as presenting him a small little flower, will not only make him feel awe of your teeny-tiny efforts but also will rejuvenate your relationship. You will definitely earn a deep meaningful kiss after this!


Don’t just spend time with him, connect with him. It is totally understandable of feeling sex-deprived and what not! But do not just throw yourselves in meaningless sex. After a steamy Saturday morning sex, cook breakfast together, eat it while having being all chitty-chatty about your week, etc… and may be, after some time, go for another round of steamy carnal session!

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