5 Things To Keep In Mind Before Meeting Your Tinder Date

Tinder dates can be fun but you have to be cautious of your safety!

5 Things To Keep In Mind Before Meeting Your Tinder Date

With so many social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and what not, meeting people has become a whole lot easier and faster. Not only can you meet people in your own neighbourhood, you can also meet them from different cities and countries as well! Online dating has gained a lot of popularity over the years where people meet their potential soulmates over the internet, especially Tinder, but when do you take this to the next level? Talking to them from the safety of your home is fine and harmless but how do you know that you can trust them enough to meet them in person? Always consider these options before meeting your Tinder date face-to-face.

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1. Make sure you know they’re the real deal

Before meeting in person, you should absolutely make sure that they’re the person in their pictures. There have been many cases of robberies, murders and rapes by predators who pretended to be someone else online. So, be careful and strategic about finding out their true self. Once you’re comfortable enough with each other, initiate a video call with them through Skype or whatever else is convenient for both of you but make sure it’s in real time. This will give you a jist of what they’re like in person and you’ll be able to gauge your chemistry with them. However, if they wholly avoid video calling you after several times of you asking, take this as a red flag and cut off all contact with them.

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2. Meet them at a public place

If you’re serious about them and wish to meet them in person, always make sure you meet them in a public setting with a lot of people around like a café, restaurant or mall. Be sure you know this place before you agree to meet them there. Your safety is the most important part of this meeting so make sure there are always other people around you. If they’re genuine, they will respect your choice of location and make sure you both have a good time wherever you are. However, if they are hellbent on meeting in a private location like a hotel room or somewhere you’re unfamiliar with, you should decline and avoid meeting them.

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3. Keep someone else in the loop

Always have a confidance to spill the beans to when you’re deciding to take the big step of meeting them in person. Be it a bff or a family member, let them know about the whole situation and always keep them updated with whatever is happening. They’ll either accompany you or stick around to make sure you aren’t in any kind of danger. Having someone to accompany you the first time will help you feel at ease and you’ll not have to worry about your safety as much. It also helps in make the atmosphere between you and your online friend less tense and awkward by having a third person around.


4. Don’t have high expectations

Unlike the movies and TV shows, you shouldn’t expect a whirlwind fairytale romance to start immediately. The first time you meet may be very casual and there might even be some awkwardness even though you both have been texting each other a lot. However, if they on the other hand expect more from you than you had anticipated, you should try and get out of there immediately. Don’t do something that you’d end up regretting down the line, be wary.

5. Don’t plan every second of it

Once you’ve decided a meeting place, don’t expect things to be very timely and precise. Let the day flow naturally and find new things to do and conversation topics throughout the day. If they’re the one for you, the day will go by much faster than you’d expect, which is a very good sign indicating that you both clicked very well. Make sure you get them to feel comfortable in your company and ensure that they’re doing the same to you as well. The moment you feel discomfort around them, excuse yourself and leave immediately.

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