5 Things To Do When You Just Cannot Get An Orgasm

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5 Things To Do When You Just Cannot Get An Orgasm

Even though there are umpteen writings on sex and its enchantments; there isn’t a definite answer as to why a handful of women don’t experience the wondrous act of an orgasm. To emanate light into this matter, we have provided 5 things you can try out to meet your inner sensual goddess. Break a leg and the incantation to merge with your alter ego.

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Masturbation can be extremely handy in this case and you can ignore the innuendo. Yes, touch yourself and play with every erogenous spot that exists in you for you to unearth spots of arousal. It is essential for one to be familiar with their body and the points of pleasure that can help them reach utmost gratification. You can guide your partner to give you an orgasm that gets your eyes to flutter. Take him on a tour and instruct him to handle you in the way that will help you attain one.


Psychology plays an important role during sex. Stress and deviated thoughts apart from you and your partner is a mind block. Any kind of block, such as medical or emotional will result in a failed orgasm. Orgasms don’t occur involuntarily, the reigns are held by you and your partner and if you defy the frisky action then you are the one to lose. Shoo away any emotion that hinders the process and as the saying goes, Carpe Diem.


Going vocal has always resulted in great coitus. It is scientifically proven that being vocal about your adrenaline rush and quivering senses will excite your partner as well as the sex. QUIET intercourse will end up discouraging your partner to move forward due to apprehension.

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Frankly, indulging in this act without honesty is directly proportional to your valuable time going in vain. Now that you have rummaged through your sexual needs and aspirations, it is ideal to let your partner know if an action isn’t making you satisfied. If he decided to go down on you and things aren’t really working out well down there? Define your rhythm to him.


Take up the baton and crown yourself as the emperor of the room. Now that you control the reigns of all action that is about to take place in the room or wherever, make it a point to make him feel like a king. Follow the principle of, do unto other as you would have them do unto you. Enticing, tease and woo him in bed. On receiving appreciation in the form of moans will turn you on and a sense of confidence will sweep over you. This in turn will heat up the sexual tension between you both and the rest will follow.  A game of dominoes is the perfect example for it. Drop a tile and what takes place post that will blow your mind away.

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