5 Things That Harm Your Mental Health

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5 Things That Harm Your Mental Health

Mental health is an important issue and you need to start talking, listening and thinking about it. Be it for yourself or for others, taking care of one’s mental health in this age and day is highly necessary. Social media, workplace and peer pressure and other factors have started affecting everyone. Its high time, you start loving yourself more than anyone. Here are 5 things you need to stop doing right now to protect your mental health.

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  • Over generalize


You have started pushing your pain to the back of your mind. Why? Because you feel that your pain isn’t as important as everybody else’s. This makes you self-conscious about your problems and pain to even approach anyone else for help. You need to understand that everyone has their own share of problems to face in life and just like you. So that means, although others pain is important but your pain is equally valid as well. Don’t sideline your mental health over others!

  • What If Thoughts


We all get struck by ‘what if’ thoughts once in a while but some more than others. These thoughts can be all-consuming for many and drive you crazy. A simple way to accept this is by looking at the answers to these questions. Things like wondering ‘what if’ you don’t get the job before you even go for the interview are illogical and most importantly unnecessary in the first place. Why would you want to waste your time thinking about things that haven’t happened when you could be focusing on the present?

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  • Too Much Acceptance


You are far too accepting. Of situations and people and events. You let people walk over you and push their problems onto you. This leaves you with no to little time for yourself. Too much acceptance can affect how others treat you and your mental health. The easiest way to be assertive is to start saying no often, to people and to choices that are being forced on you. This will be difficult at the start but slowly will help others think of your mental health as well.

  • Playing Martyr

Playing Martyr

Stop playing martyr! Acting like the victim is different than playing martyr. You are strong and you are also weak. Everybody is both at times and sacrificing yourself for others is not right in any way. Always letting your mental health and problems pushed aside for the sake of someone else’s happiness will only make you feel worse. A good way to stop this is by talking about it and how something makes you feel. You are not obliged to sacrifice for anyone, and surely not at the cost of your sanity.

  • Focusing on the Bad


Start focusing on the good rather than the bad things. While it can be easy to say, looking at the good side of things while it’s all going wrong can be a task. But keep trying, think about how this has helped you or someone else. Analyse the situation and how you can fix it. Distract yourself from the bad things to see what positive changes have happened instead. This will lessen your stress and bring a positive outlook on life even in the toughest times.

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