5 Things Guys Secretly Hate About Sex

5 Things Guys Secretly Hate About Sex

“Guys love sex”- that’s true! But this doesn’t needs to be the scenario every time. You probably might get shocked as well to know there are certain things that guys absolutely hate about sex. Here are 5 this that guys secretly hate about sex and would want you to know as well!

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1. Expectations of the climax

While women may not always be expected to have orgasm, same way men are judged if they don’t climax every once a while. Ladies, give them some time instead of having doubts. They might have had a rough day a office or probably had already ejaculated twice before!

2. Peeing with an erection

It gets really hard for guys to pee with an erection. And this is probably the most difficult thing guys have to deal with in their sex life. When a guy is about to ejaculate, his bladder gets blocked and makes way for the semen. It is one of the things that women can’t understand completely, nor can help to fix it!

3. Oral sex

It’s great to pleasure your guy with your tongue but he definitely fears your teeth! It would be a sheer torture for him if by any chance you end up hurting him by accident. Try pulling your lips over your teeth and only use your tongue to be the best at the job.

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4. Talking post sex

Ladies, its not a great idea to chit chat immediately after he has climaxed. Give him some time to come back to his pace and then he can be all yours!

5. Girls can initiate too

Guys get probably tired of them being always the one to initiate sex or play the guess game of whether or not you are in the mood. This time you be the one to initiate it and we are for sure they could not believe their ears. Plus its as well a great way to keep thing hot and steamy in the bedroom.

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