5 Things Guys Absolutely Love About Missionary Sex Position

5 Things Guys Absolutely Love About Missionary Sex Position

Best Sex Positions For Every Zodiac SignYou might already know about the things guys hate about missionary sex position! But wait, it’s not always that guys hate to have sex in this position. There are things that guys like about this position and this might even surprise you. Read on to know what guys love absolutely about missionary sex position.

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1. It’s a lot of lying down

If your guy is kind of lazy, then this is probably his go-to position. It’s a lot of lying down only with some thrusting. Plus everything else in missionary is optional.

2. It’s simple

Missionary being “no frills” is an advantage for most of the guys. It is so simple that there are hardly any chances that he’ll screw it up. He isn’t carrying you or hanging precariously from the headboard. There’s not much that can go wrong here and he is confident about that!

3. It’s perfect for early morning or late night

Does he want a quick session? Then what else could be better than missionary sex position! If you want to take care of mornings, this is probably the best position to go for. It’s simple, easy and quick and you can save the rest for post coffee.

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4. He gets to set the space

He is in control which means he gets to set the rhythm that he is comfortable with or that he likes. Hopefully, he shouldn’t be selfish enough to not take care of your needs first.

5. He gets the perfect view

All he needs to do is a push up with his arms and he has everything he wants to look at. And there are no chances that he isn’t loving what he is seeing!

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