5 Things That Go On In A Guy’s Mind Right Before They Propose

5 Things That Go On In A Guy’s Mind Right Before They Propose

Trust us, for a guy it takes a lot of guts to make this move. And he is definitely sure that you are the one for him with whom he can spend his entire life when he gets down on his one knee. But, the thing is there are multiple things that is going through you man’s mind when he is still there waiting for a answer from you.

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Wondering what could he be probably thinking about? Just read on and you’ll get to know!

1. Did I bring the ring?

He is already nervous and definitely wants the moment to be a memorable one for you. There are chances that he’ll have thoughts about him forgetting to get the ring or something similar. So don’t give him the weird look if you see him searching himself mid-dinner!

2. Will she like the ring?

By now your guy probably is well aware of your choices and definitely knows what you like and what you don’t. But he might still be thinking whether or not you will like the ring he got for you. Yes! They are that nervous.

3. It is too early to do?

Deep within he knows when it’s the perfect time to propose. But then he does have thoughts like you might not like it, or it’s too early to do this. Don’t worry girls, this is just his nervousness giving him all these thoughts and all of it is sure to vanish once he has proposed you.

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4. What if is she says NO?

This is one of the most obvious thought to cross a guy’s mind, while he is sitting there on his one knee. No matter how long you two have been in a relationship, he still might have a feeling that you might turn him down. After all he is just sure that you are one for him, but doesn’t have any idea if you might think the same like him.

5. What if she says YES?

If it’s not a NO, then it’s definitely got to be YES. But when we girls take the time to answer their only question, it’s definitely killing them inside with them having so many thoughts. And when you have finally answered him, he needs time to process and come in terms with what’s about to happen next. Yes, he is definitely thinking about marriage!

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