5 Things He Is Dying For You To Do In Bed

You think you are sexy down to a science. But how do you know what men really want?

5 Things He Is Dying For You To Do In Bed

Your man loves to be in bed with you, undoubtedly. While women fret about their love handles, unshaved legs and birthmarks, he just can’t be bothered by these things. Chances are he find these little aspects attractive, afterall, it is these elements that make you “you”. Now that we have established that he loves his time canoodling with you, here’s how you can give him what he wants in bed.

1) Words of encouragement
Often it is misconceived that only women need assertion about themselves. However, your man has bouts of insecurity as well. With praises and appreciation, he will be motivated to perform better and evolve sexually. Let your man know which of his moves turn you on. Even a non-sexual thing like his intelligence or sense of humor could be a turn-on.

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2) Enthusiasm to try new things
Nobody wants to have sex with a log. Enthusiasm to participate, initiate and try new things will get you an ‘A’ over a perfect body. Think of sex as food. Would you eat the same dish every day of your life? We all want to try different flavours. A sensuous mix of moves, shuffling from time to time will spice up your time in bed.

3) A dirty mind
Men can drool over the fact that you have sex on your mind. Even before you hit the bed, drop him certain hints that you are aroused. He will feel desired and give you a time to remember.

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4) Wild sex
Your otherwise loving and caring man probably wants sex to a little rough and wild. He loves you, undoubtedly, but isn’t always about your emotional senses. Men love the fact that he can bring out the lust in you and make you want it dirty. Evoke his fantasies and fuel his wild side!

5) Unwrapping lingerie
You might think why waste money on lingerie that’s going to be taken off in 30 seconds? However, men are visual and they like their present wrapped in a sexy way. Invest in lace, sheer varieties that gives a good sneak peek of your body. Undressing you will get half the work done.

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