5 Things He Doesn’t Care About During Oral Sex

Go on, it doesn't matter to him!

5 Things He Doesn’t Care About During Oral Sex

It is said that women tend to overthink about everything and analyse each move before making it. The same applies to their sex life. Now, it is not an unknown fact that oral sex is something that is detested by a few individuals. However, what is it that drives individuals to dislike the activity? Is it the lack of confidence to perform it or getting too conscious about things which you think make a difference but are unaware of the fact that they do not affect the men at all? Well, if it is the latter case for you, here are a few things that your guy does not care about during oral sex and you shouldn’t either!

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  • Wearing Clothes


Yes, nudity is like an added bonus but it doesn’t really make a massive difference in reaching the point of an orgasm for a guy. You could always toss your clothes out to increase the heat between the two of you but a blowjob merely requires you to know how to use your mouth the right away!

  • You Take Long To Orgasm

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Get it straight that you do not need to fake an orgasm just to please him. A guy does not mind going down on you for a longer time. He feels that it is his duty to give you all the pleasure and will invest all the time and effort it takes to do so.

  • Pubic Hair

Maintaining hygiene in genital areas is necessary but boys do not mind going down on women whose genital area is not shaven.

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  • Braces

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Do not fret if you have braces on. All men care about is the feeling of something grinding against their penis. Braces only add on to their pleasure.

  • Deep-Throat

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If you aren’t comfortable with the idea of deep-throating, tell him and he will be okay with it. A gentleman would be sure to oblige to your request and would do everything to make you feel comfortable.

Keep these things in mind, be more confident when in the bedroom and rock your next session of oral sex!

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