5 Things That Can Majorly Turn Off Your Man

Girls, get your head in the game!

5 Things That Can Majorly Turn Off Your Man


We all know, or, at least have an inkling of what men want in bed. But do we know what men don’t want? Check out these five things women do that men loathe and save yourself the awkwardness of these situations.

1. Don’t spring surprises

Licking chocolate sauce off him? Good idea. Tying up his wrists? Go for it. But when you go a step ahead and plan something really kinky that borders on dangerous, he’ll freak out; and we don’t blame him. Tell him what you intend to do to him before you actually do it.

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2.  Remember his name

Just as you would give him grief for calling you by some other woman’s name, so is the case with him. He might even be okay if you call him by another name out of bed; but if you do it while being intimate with him; he’ll take it very, very personally.

3.  Try to stay awake

If you can barely keep your eyes open while he’s trying to impress you with his sexpertise, it’ll turn him right off. If you are too tired and want to just go to sleep, tell him and he’ll respect that. Guys find it humiliating if you pass out on them while they’re in the groove!

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4.  Turn off the waterworks

If you are going to be a blubbering mess while in bed with your guy, chances are he won’t know what to do. Most men risk being labelled insensitive for not coddling women when they’re crying, but really, it’s a very uncomfortable situation for a guy to be in, so let’s try to cut them some slack.

5.  Stop coaching him

Telling him, “I like it when a guy does this…” will get you nowhere. No guy appreciates being coached on how to please you, especially when you bring a nameless man into the picture. However, guys don’t mind it when you put it this way, “I really like it when you do this…” where ‘you’ is the operative term.

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