5 Things To Do In Bed Apart From Sex

It's not always about sex. Spending quality time is essential!

5 Things To Do In Bed Apart From Sex

Yes, sex is important to keep the spark in a relationship alive. However, mere sex isn’t what makes up a relationship. It’s those little things that the two of you do together as a couple and even for each other that truly makes the bond grow stronger. It is after being able to connect emotionally that physical intimacy comes into the scene for a couple in love. For these couples, jumping in bed doesn’t lead to sex. Here are a few things that happy couples should do in bed apart from indulging in sexual intercourse.

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  • Cuddle


Cuddling in one another’s arms is one of the simplest way to show affection. A simple touch can go a long way in showing the other person how much you love them. A peck on the cheek, a hug or holding your partner close to you are all ways of presenting to them, how close you feel to them!

  • Watch A Movie


Watch a movie together, a romantic one preferably. This will set the two of you in the perfect mood and make you’ll feel emotionally closer. Yes, romantic movies often tend to stimulate your emotions and make you realize how important your partner is to you. Furthermore, watching other genres is fine as long as the two of you’ll are taking an interest in watching what the other person likes and exploring their tastes.

  • Pillow Fights


Pillow fights can be a lot of fun. Be playful and bring out the child in you, your partner will love it. It’ll treat you’ll with a good dose of laughter and help in maintaining the chirpy vibe between the two of you.

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  • Give Each Other A Massage


Plan out a session of sensuous massages for one another. A divine experience of relaxation and stress-relief is what every individual would die for, especially when it is with their partner.

  • Breakfast In Bed


Take turns and get breakfast for one another in bed. It’s an absolutely beautiful way to begin your day with a satiating meal along with your partner. Breakfast in bed is surely going to bring a smile on your partner’s face!

Go ahead, do these things and be one of the happy couples who love spending time with one another doing anything and everything!

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