5 Surprising Things Men Find Irresistibly Sexy

There's more to being sexy than having a hot body!

5 Surprising Things Men Find Irresistibly Sexy

Yes, a fit and healthy frame is extremely attractive but there are a few things you didn’t know about that men find surprisingly sexy in a woman. Talking sexy or having a sexy voice are conventionally sexy things we all know about. However, what are the things which men find desirable and women are absolutely unaware of? Let’s find out.

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  • Playing A Musical Instrument


Men find it sexy when women are good with music. May it be any music instrument, a woman will gain brownie points if she knows how to play one. It doesn’t always have to be the guy playing the guitar and singing a song he wrote for his girlfriend.

  • Messy Hair

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Yes, it’s good to stay prim, proper and groomed most of the times. However, pulling off a messy bun or letting down uncombed hair with your partner may raise your hotness quotient for him. There is something inexplicably sexy about unkempt and disheveled hair.

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  • Stretching

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Not only while exercising but also while stretching casually to loosen body muscles and chuck the laziness away, women appear exceptionally tempting to men.

  • Sweat


When you walk out of a gym with your body glistening as a result of sweat, you have no idea about the number of men ogling at you. Men do not look at sweat with disgust but look at a woman who is sweating like it’s her inner Goddess glowing.

  • Being Dominating In Bed

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Yes, men tend to make the first move but they also love it when a woman dominates them in bed. Woman, take the lead and drive your man crazy by casting your charm on him in bed. Be bossy, be dominating, be naughty, be sexy!

Now you know you look sexy while doing any of these things and have no reason to be conscious!

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