5 Superfoods To Tackle Acidity

5 Superfoods To Tackle Acidity

Having issues of acidity and want to get instant relief? Worry not. There are various foods, superfoods, already in your kitchen that will not only help you tackle acidity but also stop the formation of excessive acid in your stomach. These superfoods also protect yo-ur digestive organs. Here are 5 of them.


Acidity Remedies

Properties found in ginger protects the inner walls of our stomach from acidic inflammation. Since some amount of acid is required to carry out bodily functions like digestion and excretion, our body cannot afford to get rid of all acid. Ginger is the best option to protect our organs from hyper-acidity and inflammation. Simply extract ginger juice, mix it with half a lemon, ground mineral salt and half a glass of water, and gulp the solution down like a tonic.

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Coconut Water

Coconut Water

Coconut water is the best option when it comes to maintaining the levels of our bodily enzymes and minerals, especially during summer. Our body’s pH is already acidic and it shoots up when we are facing issue of acidity. Coconut water turns this pH level into alkaline and also forms the mucus-like lining on the inner walls of your stomach to protect it from excessive acid and acid formation. Natural coconut water, freshly extracted, is a superb source of electrolytes, which help in maintain pH balance in our body. Therefore, a coconut water a day keeps acidity at bay.


Superfoods To Tackle Acidity

The pH level of banana is higher, making it an alkaline fruit. This help us neutralise the acid in the stomach. The potassium in bananas produces mucus lining in the stomach, which helps in lowering the pH levels in the stomach during hyper-acidity. It is said that eating over-ripe banana post-meal is one of the best ways to not only tackle acidity but also to improve digestion.

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Cold Milk


If you are facing issue of heartburn because of acidity, cold milk is the best and the quickest solution to at least stop the pain and burning. Milk is of high pH level, which makes it the best option to fight acidity. Therefore, it is advised to consume at least half a cup of cold milk when you feel acid formation in your stomach. This gives instant relief. Avoid adding sugar in it since sugar aggravates the effect of acidity.

Buttermilk & Curd

How Tackle Acidity

Buttermilk and curd has good bacteria that benefits our body in various ways. One of them is of forming a mucus-like lining on the inner-wall of our digestive organs, which protects them from gastric acids. Also they do not allow for more formation of acid in the stomach. An ideal Indian meal will not be done without a glass-full of buttermilk or a simple bowl of naturally sweet curd.

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