5 Super Hot Sex Games To Play With Your Partner

Games aren’t just meant for kids to play! You and your partner can as well at times get caught up in an interesting game to have a massive laugh with your partner which can probably end up to having sex. Wouldn’t that be a great idea? Well the games we are talking about, aren’t just your regular board games. Read on to know what you and your partner could play to add a bit more spice in your relationship.

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1. Luxury Sex Dice


Plain and simple! All you need to do is roll the dice and it’ll tell you what to put where. Isn’t that exciting? These beautiful marble dice include positions and actions. So you just roll and go.

2. 50 Days Of Play


No, not fifty shades of grey. This game involves 10 secret envelopes to open and each sits within one of five levels – from ‘virginal white’ through to ‘erotic black’. Guess you’ll be playing your way through sexy scenarios to romantic gestures and what not.

3. Kama Sutra Cards


Well the name says it all, doesn’t it! If you are stuck doing the same old sex positions, bring out this stash of cards and you never have to worry about you positions. Mix up your usual go-to positions with these Kama Sutra position cards and you won’t have any complains for weeks.

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4. Monogamy


Nope, not your regular monopoly! This game is way sexier as it involves being very sexy. You make your way around the board, and each time you land on ends in you acting out some kind of sex act.

5. Nookii


Nookii is one of the most fun card games that you might have ever played. It comes with a silk scarf, dice, and three decks of cards for each partner. Each has different levels of hotness, ranging from ‘ooh’ to ‘aah’. You just roll the dice to see how long you have to complete the ‘task’ and then… do it, basically.

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