5 Super Fun ‘At Home’ Date Ideas

5 Super Fun ‘At Home’ Date Ideas

We all don’t have endless amount of cash to keep it spending at expensive restaurants and bars all time. And to be honest, at times it can even get a bit boring! But be assured, there are super fun things that you can do even without you two leaving the house. And bonus, they are extremely cheap. So get ready as we share with you some of the fun at home date ideas…

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1. Give massages

Instead of going to the spa, try out a at home spa date. All you need to do is create a spa environment. Get some essential oils, lit the candles, play some decent romantic music and you are all done. May be you can even touch some of his pleasure points while giving the massage and he is sure to return you the favour in a very erotic way!

2. Get in the bath

It’s not like you can only get naked around each other when you have sex. Having a bath together is rather a great idea and what else can be as better as this for a date night. Thrown in some bath bombs in the tub, play music, get a glass a wine for yourselves and there you have the best date ever.

3. Turn your living room into a club

Sure this may sound a little funny, but what’s the harm in doing do. Get your dancing shoes out and shake some legs with your partner. You can totally get drunk and act crazy because if there’s anyone to watch you, it’s your partner!

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4. Cook together

Let your partner do the cooking this time while you guide him. Trust us it’ll be super fun to see him go all red while he dices the onions. Set the dinner table, get the music on, pour some wine and get ready to enjoy some delicious food. May be you can even return him the favour later at night!

5. Play video games

Guys love nothing more than girls who are into games. Get in all your favourite food, making cocktails and playing a cooperative video game together and trust us this is going to be super fun.

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