5 Super Easy Ways To Fix Your Broken Makeup

5 Super Easy Ways To Fix Your Broken Makeup

1. Turn broken bronzer into a tinted moisturiser.

If you find you’re left with only a few golden crumbs of what once used to be the secret to your year-round glow, don’t fret. In just four steps, you can transform your favourite bronzer from some measly specks of powder into a moisturiser that will give you that same gorgeous sun-kissed look. Scrap the bronzer totally with the help of a spoon and mix the powder with any face moisturiser. Your very own tinted moisturiser is ready to apply. Really, a little can go a long way!

2. De-clump old mascara

There’s something undeniably annoying about grabbing your mascara in the hopes of giving your eyes the perfect pop, only to find that’s it’s gone all clumpy and dry, leaving you with lashes that resemble crooked spider legs. If you can relate, definitely don’t throw out your old mascara. Take a glass of warm water and put the mascara bottle into that. Make sure it’s closed properly. The warm water will de-clump the liquid and this product will be restored. Thick, long lashes are four steps away!

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3. Turn broken eye shadow into eyebrow gel

A perfectly good eye shadow that you cracked on the bathroom floor (oops!) or even a colour that you just don’t like anymore doesn’t have to go to waste thanks to this cool hack. With the help of some petroleum jelly, you can revamp your eye shadow into the ultimate eyebrow gel, leaving you with envious and oh-so-trendy full brows. Just scrap the eye shadow pallet. Add petroleum jelly to it and mix well. Now with the help of a mascara brush apply that to your brows. That’s it!

4. Fix a broken lipstick

We all know how hard is it find the perfect shade of lipstick, and when it breaks, there’s nothing worse than having to say goodbye to it. Well, no matter what happens to your lipstick — flattened out, broken in half or crumbled — it doesn’t have to be kicked to the kerb like a bad boyfriend. With just four steps and the help of a candle, you can make your favourite hue as good as new. Light a candle, take a spoon and place it on the flame for a couple of seconds. Now place the spoon on the flattened top of the lipstick. It will have the curve as new.

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5. Repair a broken eye shadow

The eye shadow that you shattered into a million little pieces is certainly no need for tears. In fact, with a little rubbing alcohol, you can create an eye shadow that looks and works as good as new. These quick and easy steps will give you the perfect smokey eye for many more days — or nights — to come. Take the broken eyeshadow and crush it further. Add 2-3 drops of rubbing alcohol into it, mix it well and left it open for 8-10 hours, which will help the alcohol to evaporate. Your eyeshadow will be as good as a new one.

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