5 Sunglasses Styles That Are Just Right For Your Face

5 Sunglasses Styles That Are Just Right For Your Face

Buying a pair of sunglasses is often a quick spur-of-the-moment decision for many. A shortlist of available styles at a store followed by a quick trial in front of a mirror is all most people do. But, a little more understanding about your face shape and how sunglasses can be chosen to complement it can make a huge difference to your appearance. 

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A Round Shape

Sunglasses Styles

If you have a round face akin to that of Emma Stone or Mila Kunis, the sunglass shape that will suit you best is a rectangular frame. Round faces have an equal width and length and rectangular frames tend to make them appear longer, thus off-setting the appearance of roundness to some degree. The rectangular shape also enables your face look slimmer than it actually is by providing the right contrast and shifting the focus from your facial shape. Therefore individuals who have rounder faces should select angular frames, which help add definition.

Rectangular Shape

Sunglasses Styles

Go for rimless aviator frames. Aviator frames may be the best bet for a longer rectangular face. As they are wide, they make a long face appear shorter and wider. Round sunglass frames also suit the rectangular face types. People with such a face shape should avoid rectangular eyeglasses as this would make your face look even longer.

Square Face

Sunglasses According To Face Shape

A square face has a strong jaw, a wide forehead, and wide cheekbones. Such a strong set of facial features need sunglass shapes that can have a softening impact. People with a square face should try round or oval frames that are narrow. They will provide a contrast and will reduce the appearance of strong angles in all fours. It moderates your face shape.

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A Heart Shape

Sunglasses According To Face Shape

A heart-shaped face is characterized by a wider forehead and thinner jawline. Since the heart face shape is wide on top and narrow on the bottom, the sunglass style should match this shape. A narrow frame that are narrower at the bottom look best on such faces. A cat-eyed frame is one such example that complements heart-shaped faces. People with heart-shaped faces should avoid aviators because they tend to emphasize or underline the shape of your face.

An Oval Face

sporty sunglass

If you have an oval face, you are the luckiest of them all. Every shape of sunglasses looks beautiful on a perfectly shaped oval face, which is well balanced and rightly proportioned. Be it a rectangular frame, a retro square shaped frame, an aviator or a sporty sunglass, you can go wild and crazy and pick up anything you like.

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