5 Stylish Socks That Are Perfect For Winter

5 Stylish Socks That Are Perfect For Winter

Socks are really underestimated when it comes to fashion. No one really considers that socks can make a difference to whatever you wear. But not anymore! Even the celebrities have accepted this new sock wave and are making it a fashion statement! If you think that there is no variation you can try with socks then think again. If you are not convinced you to take this style for a spin, keep scrolling for 5 pairs of upgraded socks that are totally worth having a moment.

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1.Funky Design

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Bring out the playful personality by opting for these funky socks. It can be anything ranging from your favourite superhero to a slogan you find funny. This is a new cool trend and it just adds a splash of boho-ness to your look.

2. Stripes

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Striped design never goes out of fashion. And when it comes to striped sock, then it will just turn your boring outfit into an interesting one. Make sure to experiment with a lot of combinations when it comes to colours to make your outfit standout.

3. Embroidery


You can go the retro way of wearing socks, as these embroidered socks give an old-school vibe. This is perfect to wear with pumps as the embroidery will stand out. This can be a perfect brunch sock with flowers and leaf embroidery.

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4. Fishnet

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If you like making a bold style statement then this one is for you. It will add to the oomph factor to your overall look and can turn any outfit into a smoking hot style statement. You can pair it with jeans or even with a cute dress.

5. Lace

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Lace adds a lot of drama to fashion effortlessly. Sheer, sleek, and sexy: What more could you want in a sock? These beauties would make a lovely beach bridal footwear.

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