5 Stylish Shrugs For Winters

5 Stylish Shrugs For Winters

Winter is here and a fresh breeze of wind has started to make us feel a little cold. So likewise even the clothes should reflect that too. In such a climate, wearing thick jackets would be too much at times, but not wearing it can also make us sick.In this case, a simple layering can be a very good option. A shrug is perfect for avoiding this mild cold. Whether you wear it with jeans, shorts or even skirts, these shrugs look good with everything. So, let’s have a look at some trendy shrug options!

1. Flared Shrug

If you like to experiment with your clothes then this flared shrug is the best for you. There are many options that you can add to your shrugs such as fur designs or blingy stones. Ponch style flared shrug also looks good with everything.

2. Longline Shrug

pjimage (2)
These shrugs are loved by everyone and it can never go wrong. Longline shrugs can save you from the mild cold that too in style. It is available in different prints and styles. Pair it with white sneakers and a backpack and you are good to go!

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3. Ruffled Shrug

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Allover has been printed in this Shra. Due to its colour, you can pair it with anyone. From college to a handout, there is a good look for cool look.

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4. Lace Shrug

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Lace shrug, unlike other shrugs, give a feminine vibe to the entire look. This is best for a simple yet formal look. Pair it with trousers and try experimenting with bright colours. Lace shrugs are available with are different fittings and sleeves as well. Just make sure to wear proper inners with this shrug as it will be visible

5. Sleeveless Shrug

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Often our tops get covered because of the shrug. So if you want to show off your beautiful top then this the best shrug for you. This just adds an instant style to your outfit and goes with almost everything.

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