5 Stability Ball Exercises That Aid In Weight-Loss

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5 Stability Ball Exercises That Aid In Weight-Loss

The stability ball is a hot prop that has been dominating the fitness arena off lately. Not only are these exercises fun and easy to practice but also beneficial in losing a substantial amount of weight. Here are a few stability ball exercises which may prove to be helpful if included in your regular fitness regime.

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  • Hamstring Curl


You need to lie on the floor with your arms stuck to the ground. Raise your legs and place them on the stability ball. Now, bend your knees and lift your torso. Push your knees back straight and continue with the rolls for a while. It is essential to practice atleast three sets of ten rolls everyday.

  • Overhead Ball Squat


You need to hold a stability ball in your hands by extending your arms above your head and perform squats. This enhances your balancing skills, tones your butt and arms. Practice three sets of fifteen squats everyday.

  • Standing Inner Thigh Squeeze


In order to perform this exercise, you need a smaller stability ball. Place it in between your thighs as you stand with your legs slightly apart. Now, press your thighs in and squeeze the stability ball. Your hands need to be rested on your waist. Hold the position for 30-45 seconds and release your legs. This focuses on your glutes and tones your thighs as well as your knees.

  • Balance Push-up


Make sure that you don’t fall on your face and hurt yourself. If you are new to this, take assistance from someone. You need to perform push-ups but with your legs balanced on the stability ball.

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  • Back Extension


This is going to help you reduce your back fat and strengthen your core. Place your stomach and hips on the stability ball while you stretch your legs back and place your toes on the ground. Now, get your hands back and place your palms at the back of your head. Rest your chest high and maintain that position for about half a minute. Release your position and perform 15 reps.

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Practice these and you’re sure to see the difference!


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