5 Specific Movements That Help Women Orgasm

Ladies, have your men try these moves on you!

5 Specific Movements That Help Women Orgasm

While it is easy for men to experience orgasms, it is a known fact that women cannot orgasm as easily. Furthermore, a man cannot experience pleasure without an orgasm but a woman can. However, why not double your pleasure by experiencing mind-blowing orgasms? Yes, the orgasm game gets better for women as we provide you with 5 specific movements that help women orgasm sooner and better. Have your man try these moves on you and you’re sure to experience an orgasm like never before.

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  • Clitoral Stimulation

Most women prefer getting touched on and around their clitoris for maximum pleasure. Yes, it is important to focus on the neck, breasts and thigh area but it has been proven that genital touching and clitoral stimulation play the most important role in experiencing an orgasm.

  • Up And Down Movement

When questioned most women, they said they prefer the up an down movement on their genital area. While some may prefer circular or sideways motions, most women feel turned on with the up and down motion of their partner’s fingers on their clitoris.

  • Vulva Or Vagina?

Most women like it when their man directly stimulates their clitoris and occasionally plunges their fingers inside their vagina. Most sexual response is gained from a woman when the pressure isn’t too high or too low. Medium pressure is perfect.

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  • Fingers Or Mouth?

While some women may prefer their man using his mouth, some would prefer the use of fingers down there. However, what is essential is for a man to know how to use his fingers or tongue just right! Circular motions around the clitoris followed by the up and down motion is perfect to drive the woman crazy with pleasure.

  • Variation Or Following A Pattern?

Experimentation is good once in a while but most women prefer following the regular pattern of being touched and having sex. Men love to try out new positions as opposed to women who’d prefer sticking to one position and a few specific moves for their pleasure. This is because it is more difficult for women to experience pleasure as compared to men.

Keep these things in mind and you’re sure to amp your orgasm game up a notch!

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