5 Smart Saving Tips To A Successful Maternity Leave

Compare hospital costs: One of the biggest costs associated with having your baby will be the cost of delivery. Not only should you consider what the hospital or birthing centre will charge, you should also balance what your insurance will cover. So find out the expense differences so you can make an informed decision that saves you money.

Say yes to baby showers: One of the benefits of expecting a baby is that people want to buy gifts for the yet-to-be-born baby – let them! A shower can be thrown by co-workers, friends from college, neighbours or family. Let them know the things you need so they can buy them, and you can avoid any duplicate products.

Set aside money for maternity/paternity leave: This doesn’t necessarily fit in the “saving money when you’re expecting a newborn” category, but you want to be financially prepared for the time off Mom will take once she has the baby. Figure out how much you need to make up for and save that amount throughout your pregnancy so you don’t have to worry once the baby arrives. Is Dad planning on taking some time off as well? If so, account for that in your savings, too.

Get free samples from your paediatrician: As you get closer to the arrival of your little one, you’ll likely visit your paediatrician to go over questions you may have. Take this as an opportunity to ask for any samples they may have to offer. Most paediatricians have samples of formula, diapers and more. It may not be a lot, but the free products can help save you money those first few weeks.

Avoid the “need” to buy everything: As a new parent, you want your child to have everything – that is an understandable desire. Save yourself money and stress by not giving in to that desire. One example is a high chair. A high chair isn’t needed immediately since the baby won’t be able to sit on its own safely. Yet high chairs are still a popular and costly purchase many make before a baby is born. You can cut this cost by buying something else like a booster seat that straps to a dining room chair. This also can’t be used safely for some time, but it can be a great option to save both space and money once the time comes.


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