5 Simple Ways To Customize Your Clothes

5 Simple Ways To Customize Your Clothes

We all have that wardrobe stuffed in with clothes but can never find anything to wear when we need it. Either they are too old or they don’t fit you anymore or you don’t know what to do with them. It’s a good idea to get rid of them, but what if we told you that you can still use them! There are ,multiple ways in which you can customize these clothes and use them instead of throwing them away.

Here we have listed down 5 simple and easy ways in which you can customize your clothes and style them the way you desire.

1. Change The Length

It that skirt too long for you to wear on daily basis?Chop it off! Make it into a mini, above the knee or just below, and it can live again. Pair it with a crop top or a regular blouse and you are all set to rock the look.

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2. Sew Patches

Obsessing over the patch trend over jeans? Well, guess what, you too can do the same onto your old pair of jeans. Just get your hands on some patch works that are available online and then you can sew them onto you jeans. There you go with your very own set of a new pair of jeans.

3. Alter Fit

Not necessary that every thing you buy is going to fit you well and is perfect on all your curves. We at times tend to ignore such clothes and toss them away instead of getting them altered. Change your this habit and make sure the next time you buy something, you get the fittings done if they are loose anywhere!

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4. Add Brooches

You can instantly upgrade any of your old tops by just adding a brooch on it. Invest in a good quality brooch that can be paired easily with any of your tops.

5. Add a Collar

Adding an embellished collar on your tops, tees and dresses will instantly upgrade its look. You can either find one online or try to make one at home by looking up on online tutorials.

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