5 Simple Things All Women Like In Bed

Women aren't that complicated afterall.

5 Simple Things All Women Like In Bed

Known to be complicated in many ways, women may in fact not be so complicated in bed. There are very few things a woman wants her man to follow in bed which would satisfy her. Here are a few of them.

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  • Orgasm

It goes without saying that every woman would love to have an orgasm as much as any man would. Yes, it is difficult for women to orgasm as compared to men but that does not mean they don’t want one. They expect their man to take efforts just the way they would for men.

  • Clean Bed

It is difficult to fathom how men do not care about their surroundings while having sex. However, for women, it is important to have a tidy environment to have sex in. A messy room will completely turn a woman off.

  • Whispering Sweet Nothings

A woman admires a man who adores her and tells her how much he loves her. Whispering affectionate things to her in between a hot session of sex will increase the intimacy between the couple and make the session even more passionate.

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  • Protection

Unplanned pregnancy can be quite scary and it’s mainly women who have to bear the threshold of it hence, it is extremely important for women to enjoy stress-free sex. Protection is an indispensable requirement for young women indulging in sex.

  • Foreplay

Women love romancing and foreplay. It is easier for most men to have animalistic raw sex unlike most women who prefer passionate and romantic sex. Foreplay helps in building the intensity and setting the couple in the mood. Jumping straight into bed for the final act isn’t exactly what women have in mind.

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