5 Simple Things Guys Expect From Women In Bed

Unlike women, men are surprisingly easy to satisfy in bed!

5 Simple Things Guys Expect From Women In Bed

Men can get extremely complicated creatures to deal with in umpteen matters but are exceptionally simple human beings when it comes to sexual intercourse. All they expect from women is  a little enthusiasm and appraisal. Leaving aside the occasional urge to experiment with various positions and holding a few unrealistic expectations, men are pretty much easy to deal with in bed. Here’s what they expect.

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  • An Orgasm

The entire point of having sex is experiencing a glorious orgasm, isn’t it? While it’s difficult for women to orgasm, it is relatively simpler for men. All men expect their women to do is rub, ride and treat them the right way helping them build an orgasm and experience a worthwhile climax.

  • Enthusiasm

Be enthusiastic with your partner. Lack of enthusiasm really puts off a guy. Be as involved in the activity as he is. Men feel that it is their duty to give a woman pleasure in bed. Moreover, it is a duty that they enjoy. Similarly, women should be equally active and excited about sex or else, it’s just gong to dull the spark.

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  • Leave The Lights On

Men truly admire the beauty of a woman’s naked body. They love looking at a woman’s breasts and eyes as they make love to her in bed.

  • Compliments

Addressing a guy’s efforts while he tries his best to give you an orgasm is what motivates him and keeps him going. It also helps him in knowing if he doing it right. Hence, dirty talking and telling him how good he is would take you a long way.

  • Sleep

Men hate indulging in talking after sex. While women prefer love-talking to their partners after an intimate session of sex, men like to take a nap and let the moment linger.

Follow these tips and you’re sure to make your man happy in bed!

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