5 Silly Habits That Make Your Hair Greasy

Say no to oily hair !

5 Silly Habits That Make Your Hair Greasy

Are you having trouble managing your hair? Do you often find yourself with a greasy scalp? Usually, it is your innocent habits that become the unsuspecting culprit. Yes, you heard it right. Greasy hair can be easily avoided by just making small changes in your beauty routine. Here’s a list of silly habits that makes your hair super smug.

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  1. Over Washing

Who doesn’t love clean hair flowing in the breeze? But over washing deprives your scalp of its natural oils, inciting it to produce more. Washing your hair 3 times a week is sufficient enough to preserve your luscious locks.

  1. Dirty Hair Brush

We always put efforts to keep our hair clean but keep forgetting that unclean brush can render it useless. The dirt and grim collected in the brush transfers to our hair while combing. Hence hair brush should be cleaned regularly to keep you away from hair problems.

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  1. Wrong Hair Products

TV commercials these days tempt you to buy merchandises which might not even suit your hair. Avoid using moisturising products – those are best reserved for people with dry, damaged hair.

  1. Touching your hair too much


A common habit, innocently goes unnoticed and how. Your fingertips and face both produce oil and can easily be transferred to yourhair. So avoid playing with your tresses too much.

  1. Conditioning the roots

Your scalp already secretes oil to keep your hair origins healthy. Conditioning all the way up to the roots over moisturises your scalp with an unwelcomed residue. So restrict using conditioner only to the ends and let your silky mane do all the talking.

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