5 Signs That You’re In Love

Alas, cupid has struck!

5 Signs That You’re In Love

Have you been thinking about someone a lot lately? Do you constantly crave their presence around you? Do you often find yourself smiling all to yourself when you think of all the cute little moments that you’ve spent with them? If yes, you’re in love! It is high time that you confess to that special someone before another person steals them away from you. Now, not all of you might receive reciprocated feelings but that should not bring you down! It’s a big world and there are plenty of people living here! However, here are 5 signs that you’re in love.

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  • You’d Do Everything To Make Them Happy


You very well know it deep within that those extra efforts you take are only for that one person. When you do something for someone without expecting something in return, it is an act of unconditional love. It becomes your mission in life to bring a smile on that person’s face if you love him/her. Seeing them in pain troubles you more than it troubles them. Yes, this is love.

  • You think of them 24*7

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We all have been through that phase where it feels like our brain has become incapable of thinking about even a single thing rationally. The only thought that runs on your mind is of that person. Every decision we make revolves around them. It becomes a task next to impossible to stop thinking of them.

  • He/She Is The Most Attractive Person For You

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You know that there are a lot of individuals out there who look better than the one who has stolen your heart. However, that doesn’t stop you from admiring that one person and loving him/her for who he/she is. They’ll always be beautiful and extremely dear to you.

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  • You Accept Them Along With Their Flaws


Nobody is perfect. Everyone has their flaws. Many a times, people fail to accept this fact and expect their partners to be perfect. However, it is true love when you can look beyond someone’s flaws and accept them for the good in them. When you embrace someone with both their flaws and positives, it’s a sign that you’re in love.

  • You Think Of A Long- Term Relationship

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You may get attracted to a lot of people at a lot of instances. However, if those feelings are merely based on factors of physical attraction, it is not true love. A one-night stand may be fun but it is not necessary that you might be compatible with the person you hook up with. If you begin to fall for someone hoping to see a future with them, you’ll know that those feelings are meaningful.

Love is a beautiful feeling, isn’t it?

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